I am sometimes also asked to help in the creation of works for others.

Back in 2014 i was working on a collaboration with artist Shaun Stamp on his entry for the 2014 Broomhill Sculpture prize.

The brief was to create a lifecast of him in the pose of Ophelia – designed to float as per Lizzie Siddal as Ophelia in the Pre-Raphaelite painting by John Everett Millais.

After creating the mould from Shaun in a low-res plaster mould the whole was moulded in black resin – complete with floatation chamber in the chest to make it bouyant.


The whole piece was created in about 3 weeks. 

Shaun Stamp: While you slept, I was alone in my own eternity (After Hamlet and Opheila Lizzie Siddall)