The Process

If physicality isn’t your thing then sculpture may not be your medium…

The whole process for me is totally engrossing from making tools and armatures to patination of bronze.

I like to control as many aspects as i can and have my own designed and built equipment for every stage of the process including a rotational moulding machine for small resin and waxes built with a local metal artist in the village.

Carving is a closed book to me since i haven’t yet worked in that medium (but who knows what may be in the future). I have enormous respect for those that do carve, but for me it is the moulding and shaping of clay that delights and inspires me.

Most of my work is created in oil based clay (plastilline) or in colder weather plasticine (Newplast – an animators grade product that works well with silicone). I am able to work on a piece for extended periods if required without fear of it cracking as per water based clays, though it is less easy to finish and can be quite physical to setup the main masses at the beginning of a piece.  Since I build up on an armature, i am not looking to fire a piece as per water based clay, but rather to create a mould in silicone and from that create the final work.

This gives me several options for the final piece; wax from the mould for creation of a bronze, or to use another material. Jesmonite is an option that allows either a smooth white finish, or a number of stone resin effects from Marble to Sandstone. Another alternative is with resin – either bonding metal (iron, aluminium or bronze) or coloured or indeed transparent!

Whatever the final material, the precious time spent with the model is but a small fraction of the time required to bring a work to completion.