Comment and Protest

My curmudgeonly nature sometimes surfaces and I am inspired to tackle subjects of social comment and satire on the stupidities of the fools and politicians who lie to us…

After the lies and appalling referendum campaign in the UK 2016 no one knows what our future holds. For us Europeans in the UK a legacy of unknowing and seething rage – the future? Nobody can say yet.

This against the background of a life spent between Wales and Brittany where we have over the last 12 years been renovating, by our own hands, a cottage in a rural hamlet. The help and encouragement of neighbours has been immeasurable, the depth of friendships forged likewise.

My own anger has been intensified by the feelings of sadness that these ties have been threatened by the lies of politicians.

The medium of sculpture has historically aggrandised the pompous. I wanted to turn this literally on its head.

jAnus, (2016) is particularly appropriate to the subject.

For some classical education is gateway to a world of higher purpose, others it provides a pompous vocabulary – to bully and bamboozle with circumloquacious meanderings.

Janus is god of transitions and doorways: though as with brexit, transitions and changes are not always for the better.

In Rome the doors of Janus’s Temple were closed in peace and open in wartime. The “doors” in our own time have been flung wide open to social hatred and division.

There is also something that is duplicitous about a public buffoon’s face hiding a more sinister purpose.

Of course you can ignore all of this and just see it as a bust of a two faced a***hole…